Monday, March 3, 2008

Go to the Kelapa Gading Mall

yesterday, I was going to the Kelapa Gading Mall with my little brother Mas I. his real name is Irfan, but because my family is a javanese family, we add " Mas " in front of his name to make a difference call with his another brother ( I have two brothers, actually ). and to make it simple, we just put " I " instead of " Irfan " x) .

first thing I wanted to do there was to watch film in the Gading XXI. I wanted to watch Water horse so much.. but unfortunately, when we got there, there were a lot of people queue in front of the ticket box. and the film was ready to play just in 10 minutes ! then realizing how stupid I am cause not coming earlier, I went out from thae cinema :( after that I went to the Timezone because my brother wanted to play there. before we got there, we bought a cone of ice cream and a cup of chocolate waffle sundae at A&W.

when my brother was playing at the Timezone, I decided to go to the TGA aka Toko Gunung Agung bookstore. I walked around that bookstore, seeing books, comics, novels, and the other things. I was looking for a novel there. and I found it. the novel I was looking for is the "Supernova Putri, Ksatria dan Bintang Jatuh". it is the first book of Supernova trilogy. I already have the second ( Akar ) and the third ( Petir ) book.

it's been an hour since I went to the TGA bookstore. then it was the time for me to met my brother again. after it we went to the Gramedia bookstore. actually, I wanted to buy a wallet for my brother's birthday. but cause I never bought a wallet for boys, and Mas I always nagging at that time, I refused it. at first, I decided to not buy anything. but, suddenly I saw a discount banner there, then I break my own conviction xP The discount was just for some notebooks ( buku tulis yaa, bukan laptop ) and stationaries. I bought two notebooks. the first book will be my next diary remembering my latest diary is almost run out of page, and the other book will be my daily note. The cover of those books have a funny word and I want to share it here

* click on the picture to see it better :) *

I think it's quite funny eh ? this note book is Humble Book production and if you interested you can visit their website at

okay, just it. it's quite difficult for me to write something in english so I decide to practise it in here, my own blog. maybe there are some error and wrong word here, so, please tell me then I can practise my english better. thanks for all folks ! x)

= to be continue =

* 49 days to go to the UAN 2008 test ! >.<


nne said... UAN ya?

Anonymous said...

aliaa! aku mau dong buku pertamanya supernova! wah, coba kamu beliin. hahahaha. masih ada ga di gading? PENGEN PENGEN PENGEN!

btw, alia, blog aku bisa diganti yg wordpress, ga? ayo dong, kasih comment :) hehehe.

eh, your english is so nice! and the most important thing is your wants to share us story with english, for you to practicing :)

alia pewe said...

@ nne : yoo ! makasi yaa atas semangatnyaa :)

@ sekar :
iya sekar, ini linknya sedang kuganti
blogmu suda kukasi komen juga tuh
ayo ayo semangat tulisi blogmuu ! xD

supernova yg pertama masi ad kek kyknya di gading
maw dibeliin ?
ckck, kan ud kubeliin yg ketiga sek, hihiy

thx for ur comment in my blog ya sek :D

andi said...

was that u, wrote that all down? what a great english!!! 4 thumbs up, my feet thumbs added... wekekekekew...

alia pewe said...

@ andy : thanks for ur comment ! ^^
ya i wrote it all down, with helped from my brother and my lovely huge dictionary, haha xD

uhm, it is so smelly up here. do u know why ? it seems all this smelly things is caused by ur feet.. ! take away from here quickly or i am gonna be sick.. !

* ups, it's just a joke actually, hehe, peace.. !

Anonymous said...

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