Thursday, July 2, 2009




Loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause
- from

Now I am not loyal
Although I believe I am a loyal person
I just dont feel the "click" with them
I know I shouldn't think like that
It just the way how do I become adaptive
to any situation..

I failed.

Maybe I should send my resignation letter..

= to be continued =

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movie week

sabtu, 27 juni 2009 : ice age 3, premiere di mal ciputra, nonton bareng bokap n adek2
minggu, 28 juni 2009 : transformer 2, setiabudi, bareng temen2 BTA
selasa, 30 juni 2009 : transformer 2, gading, bareng bintang
rabu, 1 juli 2009 : king, margocity, bareng widiyong, lija, n niooo..

kenapa sih film2 bagus bertumpuk di bulan ini
bikin gw pengen nonton muluuuuu

= to be continued =
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