Monday, October 24, 2016

Pengalaman Pertama Donor Darah

Salah satu hal yang belum pernah seumur hidup saya lakukan, akhirnya kesampaian juga!

Akibat kejadian waktu sd di mana saya mau disuntik ambil darah, saya melihat dengan jelas bagaimana si jarum menempel ke kulit saya, lalu saya (dengan bodohnya) malah refleks menarik tangan saya, yang menyebabkan tangan saya luka tergores (nggak dalem, tergores biasa saja) dan saya menangis kejer. Itu kejadiannya lagi di bulan puasa. Akhirnya supaya saya diam, ibu saya membelikan saya minuman dingin. Batal deh puasanya, haha.

Selanjutnya setiap ada kata-kata donor darah, saya jadi teringat terus dengan memori itu. Apalagi ada yang bilang bahwa setelah donor darah, tubuh kita akan lemas sesudahnya. Padahal jarak waktu antara satu donor dan donor lainnya itu 3 bulan. Masa saya lemes 3 bulan gimana dongg?? Pikir saya yang superawam tentang dunia perdonoran darah hahah :"D

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Daftar Hari Libur Tahun 2017

Daftar hari libur untuk tahun 2017!

Superpenting bagi kalian yang mau berburu tiket murah untuk liburan. Makin jauh mencari tanggalnya biasanya makin seru hunting tujuan dan harganya ya, hehe.

Baiklah, ini dia jadwalnya. Semoga bermanfaat yaa :)

Sumber: (link)
Klik gambar untuk melihat lebih jelas ya :)

Sumber: (link)
Klik gambar untuk melihat lebih jelas ya :)


Dengan pekerjaan yang saya miliki, liburan itu bisa jadi sesuatu yang tak tertebak. Yang sering mampir ke blog ini pasti tahu bahwa pekerjaan saya fleksibel. Iya, fleksibel. Ketika orang bekerja, saya bekerja. Ketika orang liburan, saya bekerja. Hahaha.. *ketawa miris*

Paling parah bulan september 2016 lalu, saya tidak punya libur kecuali saat idul adha. Itu pun sebenarnya "terpaksa" libur. Siapa juga mau masuk ketika idul adha? -___-" Dan itu bikin saya super uring-uringan. Terutama rindu bisa jalan-jalan bodoh ke beberapa tujuan di dalam kota.

Tapi memang liburan itu sesuatu yang sangat diperlukan insan manusia bekerja ya. Rasanya suntuk sekali ketika tidak punya libur. Meski jadi berbeda ketika justru kita punya libur setiap hari, misalnya kita bukan angkatan kerja atau ternyata adalah pengangguran (eits, kedua istilah itu berbeda arti ya hihi). Malah bosan ya liburan terus. Memang semuanya sebaiknya berjalan seimbang, jangan ada yang berlebihan.

Selama ini saya masih menjadi orang yang nyaman menghabiskan waktu liburan di dalam kota saja. Entah berkunjung ke mall, taman, museum, toko buku, atau berusaha mencari list event menarik yang bisa saya kunjungi. Kebanyakan semuanya pergi sendiri ^^;

Suatu saat nanti semoga saya diberikan waktu, uang, dan keberanian untuk pergi lebih jauh ke luar kota ya. Sulitnya mengingat jalan menjadi salah satu hambatan yang membuat saya khawatir untuk pergi sendirian ke luar kota. Tidak bisa bela diri juga menjadi poinnya. Saya rasa memang harus ikutan macam tur atau open trip supaya pergi sendiriannya bisa bersama-sama.

Apaan tuh pergi sendirian kok bersama-sama? Begitulah nasib loner ya hihi :")

Friday, October 7, 2016

When The Person You Love Doesn't Love You

Another copy-paste article. This one is from (link). It's quite a long article. So I make it the "continue reading" option if you really want to read it :)

I always think that psychology is one thing I want to study in university. Up until now, I can't make it. So I think it will be better if I follow @PsychToday twitter account (link) to read about psychology more often.

It turns out some articles are sound soo cheesy, but they are written in a good and motivational way, so it makes me want to read it more and more. This one is no exception. Especially for you who arrive in this blog post by google search :)

I have shared in previous post that my friend have fed up with my stories. But reading thing article and comment section in the original web (link) makes me realize that I am not alone in this kind of problem. A lot of people experienced the same. But they don't talk about it loudly in public. The choose a safe place by using anonymous account. Still we can learn from their story.

Last but not least, let's be better together, by sharing and empowering each other. Don't let anyone belittled you. Because you are important, even without them.

Be strong :)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

When They Come Back To You, Please Don't Take Them Back

Well, no one is coming back to me. No one.

Just the influenza and cough. They love me so much, they always be with me when the rainy season comes, hahah. Oh, how I wish my body to always be healthy, amen!

I just think this article has some good advices and worth to read. Maybe there are other people in the world who need this kind of reading material to strength up their kind heart :)

The article comes from (link).

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Don't Feel Bad For Me If I Do Things Alone

I copy this article from (link). Before the 7 one third, I nearly always go to places and doing activities alone. Now I am doing it again. Of course because I am going alone I don't go to many places. Just inside my town. 

I dream someday I can go to more and further places on my own. Hoping I can find the right time with the right amount of money to do it, hehe :D


Don't Feel Bad For Me If I Do Things Alone

I was discussing prospective travel plans with a group of people the other day when one of them, after expressing her interest in visiting Lyon, remarked, ’But I have to find someone to go with  -  I’m not going to travel there by myself. Nobody wants to do that.’

This statement started a train of thought on which I had embarked many times before:

Why is it still seen as socially unacceptable to do things by yourself? And why is it always presumed that people don’t want to do things alone?

Well. I do understand where people of these opinions are coming from: we, as human beings, are social beings. It is only natural that we want to share in our experiences with others. Socializing and conversing are how we forge friendships and ultimately help each other grow.

However, it baffles me as to why the idea that someone wants to do something alone is so bizarre to some people. Sure  -  by societal norms, activities such as eating out or seeing a movie are viewed as social activities to be enjoyed with others. It’s standard of behavior and human tendency that we seek to do these things with people. But seeing someone out and about on their own doesn’t equate to him or her being lonely, or having no friends.

More importantly, I think we are perfectly entitled to simply not be in the mood to entertain someone throughout an activity, or socialize in general. Throughout the day, we’re invariably staring at screens of all shapes and sizes, and being bombarded with stimuli through them. On top of that, we must make real human interactions with handfuls of people on a daily basis. It grows exhausting, whether one is an introvert or extrovert.

But who is to say that ’me’ time is only in the confines of one’s home, in the form of a pantsless Sunday spent watching Netflix and binging on pizza? Why is doing that alone acceptable anyway, but not going outside and doing something in town? Lunching solo at a cafe or laying on the beach is equally rewarding as ’me’ time. Time spent by myself is time spent alone with my thoughts, which I relish in a world of distraction. Once alone, I have the opportunity to ponder over matters to which I have been meaning to devote mental attention  -  or to think about nothing at all, and simply appreciate the present moment.

I suppose that’s another explanation for why doing things alone has a social stigma. We tend to project our own tendencies onto others, particularly in situations we view negatively; and I find that the people with the greatest aversion to doing things alone   are the ones who cannot be in solitude with their minds.

Being alone with your mind, however, is one of the best things for your soul.

That is one of the greatest pleasures I find in doing things alone. Another is, of course, the freedom to operate on your own schedule. This liberty is why I enjoy solo shopping and can appreciate traveling alone so much.

But traveling alone? Doesn’t it get a little solitary? Well, yes . One of the greatest joys of travel is reveling in the presence of awesome history or art with someone, and I definitely find myself wishing I had a friend with me at times; seeing what I’m seeing, eating what I’m eating, discussing our experiences. It’s nice to have someone there with you sharing that ephemeral moment that cannot be recreated.

Which leads me to my following point  -  despite all that, I am determined to not let such factors impede me from doing what I want and what speaks to me, and you shouldn’t either. If you truly want to do something, why should the prospect of doing it alone be an obstacle to your will? In the end, the connection you have with that object or goal is the most important.

This isn’t all with the aim to denigrate people who don’t like being alone, or make the statement that such people have no substance. To each his own. But satisfaction ultimately lies in the substance of an activity and if that is what you’re really after, then go for it. And all those people you think are judging you...they likely are, given the stigma of doing things alone, but what does that matter in the grand scheme of things?

Doing things alone eventually begins to dissipate the feeling of self-consciousness in public places, and fosters self-awareness instead. It takes a degree of confidence and initiative to do things solo, of which you should be proud.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Finally 0

It takes 5 months, losing 13 kgs, some good friends, some loner trips in the town, some sleepless nights, a lot of crying moments, to finally reach this 0 counter.

I think I have written a post with 0 as the title earlier. But it turns out so cheesy I revert it to draft again, haha. And I know at that time, I still in my mourning period, so this post deserve the 0 title more :)

I realize I have found peace again in my heart when I know that I am no longer being an important person in his life. The no-communication-at-all-to-forget is real. At first I believe when he said he still wants to be friend with me. But of course it is so different communicate with person you love and now just being a friend, right?

Now I am at the stage to searching again the purpose in my life. I believe happiness is start within my ownself. Not from my relationship, my job, or my money. It's a state of mind.

Let's be happy :)

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