Tuesday, December 4, 2007

personality plus

this post taken from my speaking english test.

have you ever read the Personality Plus written by Florence Littauer ? I have done it and now I want to tell you about the personality which written in that book

the first personality is called sanguinis. the keyword of sanguinis is popular. sanguinis people always love to talk and always stand out in a party. they make sure that people around them are having fun with their jokes. they looked like happy-man-with-no-sadness. they choose only the easy and fun things to do in the project. they can encourage team members from the sidelines very good. but they have their negative things too like, they don't like to be forced into following instruction and deadlines. they don't like to feel pressurised by anyone who comes across as bossy. they don't like following the perfect way and always do the best option according to them. they don't want to arrive too early and get bored easily if the project becomes too serious. they are unorganized people and can get easily forget their promise.

the second personality is called melancholy. the keyword of melancholy is perfect. melancholy people always ask for more information if they want to decide something. they create safety measures and make sure the procedures are followed at all times. they make plan before do the project and have a high expectations for the project to flow exactly according to their plan. they are analytical, serious, sensitive and inovative person. then, the negative things in melancholy people are they will expect everyone around them to co-operate and will get frustrated from the lack of teamwork if everyone is not synchronised. they have a high expectation so they suddenly get bad mood if they cant reach it. if their plan dont get along well, they will refuse to be a part of it and walk away.

the third personality is called choleric. the keyword of choleric is manage. choleric people are like to place orders for everything that is needed without consulting the rest of team. they also manage the team and motivate to push forward. many people say a choleric person born to be a leader. they are dinamic, strong-will, organized people and grow up with a lot of challenges which they like to take. but you wont like choleric people cause they always work authoritative and make decision by their own self. since they have to manage everything, slowly they become bossy and ambisious. beside it, they are good to do a project because they will finish it in the fastest, safest and most effective way.

the fourth personality is called pleghmatic. the keyword of pleghmatic is peaceful. a stronglypleghmatic personality will quietly take instructions from anyone who gives to them. they not put themselves forward when volunteers are requested. they have a high loyality. they wont to hurt anyone feeling and it cause they not be able to say no to anyone. this cause pleghmatic people often get stress in order to making people happy. they avoid conflict and feel embarrassed for being asked to choose between two people fighting -- what can you say ? they are non block or they think it is useless or too fear to do it ? they only do something if it is safe to do so. they prefer listen to others than speak in front of people. they look like lazy people cause they dont want to do anything if they can, they dont want to decide anything and want the others take the chance to make them happy.

so, after you read about this, can you decided what personality do you have ? maybe this post is too short for you, then what you can do is just buy the book. I swear this is a very good book and no promotion in this.. :p I just give my opinion for you, haha

then after I gave this speech in front of the class, my teacher asked me what personality is the best ? and I said there weren't. all people have the four personality and they must combined it into a more more good personality.. :)

= to be continue =

* the picture taken from http://www.uranusonline.com/ and http://www.istockphoto.com/

* this post is based on the Personality Plus book written by Florence Littauer and from the Celebrating Humanity (http://www.celebrating-humanity-projects.com/)


PuTLie said...

*buka kamus*

alia pewe said...

@ putlie : emg kata2nya susah ya ? bukanny it masi bahasa inggris yg gampang2 ? hehe :p

PuTLie said...

hahaha bercanda aja kok say :)

ishtar said...

kalo campuran semuanya gimana sis?boleh ga?bingung milih gw termasuk kategori yang mana..

alia pewe said...

@ ishtar : wah emg sluruh manusia memiliki keempat kepribadian itu
tapi diliat sisi mana yang lebi menonjol gtu
saia sendiri jg ad keempat2nya koq
cm yang lebi menonjol it d bagian pleghmatisnya.. :D

Nanien said...

i'm definitely the real sanguinis, without popularity though :D

gw uda ngetes (ada pertanyaan2 gitu) waktu jaman gw LKS dan gw ampir 100% sanguinis, hoo

alia pewe said...

@ nanien : tanpa tes lo kliatan bgt sanguinis juga koq nien, kliatan dr suka ngomongnya, hihihiy.. ;)

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