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Puasa Ramadhan 2013 Coming Soon

Lagi mencari info tanggal berapa puasa tahun 2013 akan dimulai. Kalau baca dari artikelnya eramuslim (link) dan bisnis indonesia (link) akan dimulai Selasa, 9 Juli 2013. Tapi belum tau deh kalo pemerintah, NU, dan lembaga lainnya bakal barengan apa nggak.
kalau lagi bulan puasa, pasti selalu keinget 
teh manis anget dan kurma :9
 sumber: (link)

Trus sembari mencari, menemukan artikel menarik dari situs (link) tentang bagaimana ekspatriat yang bekerja di indonesia menyikapi datangnya bulan Ramadhan dan lebaran di indonesia. Beberapa hal menarik yang gw baca mungkin kalau gw menjadi salah satu ekspatriat yang sedang bekerja di indonesia:

How does Ramadhan affect expatriates ? 

- Your household staff may need a nap mid-morning or in the afternoon to keep pace with their altered sleeping and eating schedules.

- Muslims that may not normally be diligent in observing the obligatory five prayers a day, may begin to pray regularly during this time, necessitating their absence from work for about 10-15 minutes.

- It would be best to schedule difficult tasks before or after Ramadhan to achieve your workers best efforts.

- You may be awoken early in the morning by the enthusiastic young people parading through the neighborhood (DON'T tell them to be quiet! This would be extremely offensive, just quietly endure.)

- Food prices rise dramatically as Lebaran nears.

- Your household staff will want to take one to two weeks off to visit their family in the village and you'll be left to cope without a cook, driver, watchman and helpers. Consequently, restaurants do a brisk trade during this period as families eat out more often than usual.

- It's difficult to schedule travel in Indonesia near the end of Ramadhan due to the annual exodus of 7+ million city dwellers to their hometowns.

- You'll notice a big increase in beggars at traffic lights as the poor flock into the city from the villages at this traditional time of heightened charity giving.

- Noise from the local mosques will increase in volume and frequency

Lebaran Tradition

- Idul Fitri begins with mass prayer gatherings early in the morning at mosques, open fields, parks and on major streets.

- Following the morning prayers and neighborhood visits, visits are made to close family members around town. Family members go to their parents first and then to the most senior relative's house (oldest person in the family) to “Mohon Maaf ...” with family members.

- While gathering with family, it is customary for the adults to give the young children some money ... they may meet you at the door shaking their wallets! It is also customary to distribute money to children in the poor neighborhoods around your home, Rp 1,000 (or more) per child will bring huge smiles to their faces!

- There are two peaks to this exodus which cause major logistical nightmares ... the departure back to the home village/town ... and then the return to the town of residence.

- During the weeks after Lebaran many groups hold halal bilhalal gatherings where employees from a company, friends, colleagues or members of an organization gather to share a meal and ask each other's forgiveness. Non-Muslims are often invited to participate in these festive gatherings also.

Well, merayakan atau tidak, mari kita bersama-sama saling menghargai kebebasan beragama yang dianut ya. Semoga di Ramadhan tahun ini tidak ada peristiwa buruk yang terjadi terkait dengan toleransi beragama :)

= to be continued =


ferry lazzuardo said...

terima kasih atas informasinya..
semoga dapat bermanfaat bagi kita semua :) mesin mobil

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