Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finchel at Senior Prom

 Finchel, I am in love..
Photo from : (link)

Rachel and Finn at Senior Prom, in Glee season 3 episode 19, Prom-asaurus.
I'm so glad the come to prom together. I remember in season 2, Rachel feel really miserable to see Finn with Quinn in their junior prom.

The first photo is when Rachel and Finn show up at the party, and the second photo is when they shared the first dance as Prom King and Queen ! wohooo.

I know this season is their last year at McKinley, and I know too in season 1 and 2, they have a lot of duet. But I still want it more and more. Not-Finchel-fans maybe get angry because they want to see other character story and also their voice, but I'm sorry I just love this couple so much ! I'm so sad they won't appear in the next season anymore.. But, who knows ??? 

Can I make a little prayer for them ? :')

= to be continued =


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