Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What Makes You Laugh ?

well, my last post is tell us about " Crying ", then in this post I will tell you about laugh. check this out ! x) the same thing is this text was my english task given from my lovely english teacher names miss aulia and she taken it from

What makes you laugh?

You are a researcher doing an investigation about laughter. Interview two or three people
and be prepared to make a summary of what you find out.
Here are some questions to help you. Ask more questions to find out more. Be prepared
to report back what you find out.

1. How often do you laugh?
all the time/a lot/often/rarely/hardly ever
2. Do you laugh when you get embarrassed?
3. Do you laugh when you don’t know what to say?
4. Do you laugh when you don’t think it’s funny but someone wants you to laugh?
5. Do you laugh when you feel nervous?
6. Do you laugh if someone is clumsy?
7. Do you laugh when other people are laughing?
8. Do you laugh when someone tickles you?
9. Do you laugh when someone is being silly?
10. Do you laugh when someone makes fun of a third person?
11. Do you laugh a lot when you are tired?
12. Do you laugh at jokes?

And my answers are :
1. often
2. rarely, yes
3. no
4. yep, I want to make her / him happy even with my imitation laugh :p
5. nope
6. no, because I am the one of that clumsy people.. * sigh *
7. hm.. dunno. I think if I know what makes they are laugh and it comes cause something very very funny, I will laugh too. but if I dont get why they are laughing, yaa, you know, see everyone who laugh with a big big question mark ( and dumb face, ahaha )
8. absolutely no ! I dont like if someone tickles at me. and I have a little bad reflect that I will hit their body to make them stop tickling at me. I am so sorry friends.. but hey, it`s my reflects do !
9. ya. haha, i am sorry for that silly boy / girl
10. in a case their story is very funny, yes it is
11. no. it makes my energy more less
12. if I get to that jokes and it is funny, yeah, i will laugh ! :D

Do you want to help my investigation, Readers ?
well, leave some comments please.. :)

= to be continue =

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Nanien said...

i'll say perhaps yes for all numbers except number 11.

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