Saturday, February 2, 2008

Talking About Crying

this text was my english task given from my lovely english teacher names miss aulia and she took it from


* Discuss these questions with a partner.

Why do people cry?
Do you think women cry more than men?
If you feel like crying, do you let yourself cry or do you try to contain the tears?
When was the last time you cried?

Which of the following things would make you cry?

• Your child is born.
• You are in pain.
• Your relationship breaks up.
• A wedding.
• Your wedding.
• Your boss (or teacher) shouts at you.
• Before an exam.
• After an exam.
• Winning a sports event or important game.
• A sad song.
• A sad film or TV show.
• A moving speech.
• The death of a family member or friend.
• Your favourite sports team wins an important competition.
• You have to pay a lot of money for something.
• You are stuck somewhere for a long time (in traffic, or on a bus for example)
• You are laughing very hard.

Can you think of other times that you’ve cried?

I think I usually cry if I am in pain, if there's someone or a lot of people shout out loud at me, if I hear a sad song, if I watch sad film or TV show, if I hear a moving sppech, if there is death of family member or friend, and if I am laughing very hard. oh yeah, I will look like a crying girl too if I am sleepy cause my eyes will produce some tears. my friends sometime think I am crying when they see my eyes full of tears in that situation, ahaha, actually, the tears come up cause I am sleepy, not because I am sad. and one more, I always cry when my graduation has come.

I dont know I will cry or not when my child is born, or when my relationship breaks up, or in a / my wedding, or I have to pay a lot of money for something cause I never feel it. I am still 17th years old ! ahaha.. maybe I will know I will cry or not if I am in that situation more years later..

then, how about you Readers ?
give me a comment please, would you ? :)

= to be continue =


d Drama Queen said...

I'm going to cry of course if I loose one of my family member (God ... it will be heartbreaking)
Tapi kalo yang hepi tapi menyayat hati mungkin, kalau saya menikah mungkin ya ... wiihh, saya bakalan nangis bombay plus lombok ijo dan merica bubuk, hahahaha ...

Baskoro said...

Crying, is a part of human nature...

We can crying if there's something happen emotionally..

That's why we can cry for happiness, or otherwise for sadness...

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