Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Being Stolen

I was two years old. And it was my first moment go to school by bus. I usually go to school by car. But last year a criminal come to my house when all my family were gone on a vacation. And three days later my parent get shocked knowing our house being stolen. All money had gone, my moms jewelry cant be found, our door house is broken, and my house was in a mess just like a broken ship.

Then my Dad called the police station. Suddenly the police come but it’s too late. The criminal had gone to a far place, My Dad said. My Mom and Dad felt sad. I felt sad too. My Dad decided to sell our car. That's why in my two years old I must go to school by bus.

I didn’t like to go by bus, because there was many people on it will look me like I’m a strange thing. Most of all will stepped aside if I walked near them. You know why? Because actually I’m a dog, an ugly, lazy, a dirty dog. And you must be confused why I must go to school? Cause my Mom and Dad took me to the dog school so I could help the police. But the real reason is they just want to put me out of their life (oh they are a human, not a dog like me of course). Hahaha, may be that’s make their house stolen. Because when I knew their real reason, I phone my friend and ask one planning, one good-brilliant planning, my friend would steal my Mom and Dad house, and after it they will thought to keep me to protect their house! And, Yes!! My planning goes well! I did it !. Then people, don’t try to sloppy dog, cause you will get a huge problem with them, alright ?!

Alia Prawitasari XII IPS

* note : ini adala satu dari tugas karangan b.inggris gw. waktu it dsuru bkn narrative. hihiy, maap yee kl ada sala2 kate. maklum masi dalam tahap pembelajaran.. ( alah alah.. gni nih, dah bljr b.inggris 9 taun tp masi ga bisa2 )

= to be continue =


Anonymous said...

Nice posting Alia.

I am salute with you. though you were still a student, you can post in English.............Go go alia..

alia pewe said...

@ edi samsuri : thanks for your comment sir ! hehe, wish I can do it like what you said.. ^^

Anonymous said...

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日月神教-任我行 said...


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