Saturday, December 27, 2014

Write it girl, december gone in 4 days!

I don't know why I become such a lazy blogger in the past 2 months. It's Dec 27th already, just 4 days until January, and I don't know if I can make all the posts that I owe in this blog.

I will go on a trip with my family from Dec 30th to Jan 4th. My family don't have any ritual to celebrate new years eve. We usually just stay in the house because we knew the road will be in a very high traffic inside or outside Jakarta, and it's still in rainy season, so the best way to spend it (in my family's view) is doing activity inside the house. New years eve or not, it's the same night, isn't it?

But this year, we will spend it in a trip. But we still won't experience the traffic jam because we will stay at a hotel in the new years eve, ehehe.

I will try my best to write posts in here. The usual posts like "The Last Movies I Watched", something about Glee (next year will be their last season huks!), something about one of my favourite writer Dee, update about my career, event, family, weather (it's my favourite rainy season already and I haven't posted anything yet), and my regular kaleidoscope (which I didn't make it either last year ckck). So, stay tune :D

= to be continued =


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