Saturday, September 20, 2014

Password for Torrent on 2shared

I want to say thank you for anyone who posted a Rurouni Kenshin torrent in (link). However, I can't complete it because it needs password. Fortunately, person who upload this torrent gives me a link (link) to show the password. Unfortunately, I can't see how the link will give me the password. First, I put the link to google because I don't have any clue what link is it. Google brings me to several websites that include series of many questions and answers, but I can't find what I'm searching for. Then I put the link on the adress bar, and it brings me to a website that say the link is locked, and I must get participated in an offering. I try to follow but it leads me to send my credit card number.

I stop at that step. I don't have any credit card so I can't input the number. But even though I have a credit card, I won't write it there. The site seems suspicious and I can't trust it at all.

So with this blog post, I hope anyone who upload the torrent can give me the password. Or maybe, people who download the same torrent with me can give me any information. Or else, I will find another torrent link. Since I have watched the movie in the teather, I don't have any rush to get the password. But I will be very happy if I can get the password and watch the movie again. So, I'm waiting here for anyone out there who knows how I can get the password :)

= to be continued =


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