Saturday, March 12, 2011

pray for japan

i pray for japan which has been attacked by earthquake and tsunami. i hope all people in japan will be in a secure place so it can minimize the victim from these disasters.

i pray for you too, my bestfriend nisachuu, get safe and always follow government's (of japan) instructions, okay ? and i hope your communication in japan will remain connected so people in indonesia always know about your condition.

love you darla :')

= to be continued =


Anonymous said...

woahh u actually wrote a note abt me!
thanks dear, fortunately people in Kyushu are totally unharmed and unaffected.
thanks a lot for your concern :)

dont trust the mass media, coz they are all just over dramatic. the nuclear radiation wont be as bad as the chernobyl accident back in Ukraine.

anw the only thing that worries me much is the fact that GPA will be announced next week. huaaa

alia pewe said...

alhamdulillah, great to hear that nis :) ahh, btw about GPA, minggu depan aku juga uts nih >.< saling mendoakan yaaa

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