Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Past story

i questioned my self, what is the good things about him that makes me always remember and regreting the past ? well, it's a retorical question of course. and, yeah, actually it's not just about him. past is always a good time to visit. i know not all of my past time are filled by good memories. there are some sad memories too.

well, some pictures

doing these pictures on photoshop for an event.
but the event is cancelled, by myself :p

after seeing the truth, i lose and can't find any motivation to attend the event. if you want to know about it, you can read it in this post.

yesterday i gave a respon for her, which she replied it without any enthusiasm. then she sent me a sms and then i remembered that i had not finished the pictures for them soo i finish it today. making me cancelled my plan to go to the cinema to watch Killers and The Last Airbender -__-

Will they become another past-story of mine ?

= to be continued =


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