Monday, September 7, 2015

Going to Books and Beyond Pacific Place in 160815

Sunday, August 16th 2015, I go to Books and Beyonds in Pacific Place, Jakarta. It was unintentionally, I go there because I have to wait Mas Ndut meeting with his colleagues (yes, he has meeting on SUNDAY! Ha ha). The bookstore is not too big, but it is comfortable. The books they have mostly imported from another country.

This rack of self development books is catching the most of my attention. Maybe it's because I don't know what kind of novel is good for me right now, and this kind of self development books usually match whoever need to motivate their life.

I have seen this series of "Big Ideas Simply Explained" several times in some book stores. The book explain about psychology, economics, philosophy, science, and religion in easy way and a lot of pictures. I would love to have all of the books, but it's pricey so I choose not to buy now, huhu.

Then I arrived to section about adult's coloring books. 

I think this book is perfect for adult who wants to get rid their stress and need to find their inner child enthusiasm to light up their life. The book is so interesting and I almost buy it. Luckily I have a chance to take a sneak peak and realize that the author is making the picture so detailed. I am a little bit worried I become lazy and not doing this book in the future, hahah. Beside the book is quite expensive too. If you want to know what adult's coloring book looks like, you can get it for free in here (link).

In the previous paragraph, I write that I don't have the interest to go to the novel section. Well, the fact is I still have the interest, when I see these Harry Potter book, hahah :'D. I already have one set of 7 Harry Potter books. But seeing this Harry Potter novel with new cover still makes me want to buy them, ckck.

Books and Beyond also have a unique program which called "Blind Date with A Book". They let you buy three books which have the same theme like Children Activity, Sport, Romance, etc, for Rp159.000,00. This program is good for people that likes to judge a book by its cover :P

So, after walking around this tiny but lovely bookstore, I choose to buy this book.

It's called "Q&A a Day for Me". It's a 3 year journal that have 365 daily questions and 3 columns for us to write the answer. Question like,

"Books I couldn't put down.."
"Who is your favourite teacher?"
"What would you do if you have a magic wand?"

I think this book has an amazing ideas to light up my everyday routines with ordinary question which sometimes makes me think about how my life is going on. But I have to really focus to keep writing and keep this book to see how much I change through the entire 3 years. Let's see if I can keep this book and patiently writing in it :D

The funny things come in the end when I pay the book. So, Books and Beyond give 17% off for any book you purchase until August 31st 2015. The discount is to commemorate Indonesia independence day. And the amount of price I have to pay is


I really check to the cashier twice that they are not making this purposely because tomorrow is Indonesia independence day. But no, I just get lucky they said :))

= to be continued =


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