Friday, January 16, 2015

Please Help: Fiddler Root Virus :'(

So recently my mom's computer got virus. I think it's because I download Vuze. But in the past, I never found any problem with installing it. Vuze is a software that help us to download torrent file. Maybe it's because I download from untrusted website. I find it hard to remember again which website. During the instalation, I carefully uncheck every add on that Vuze offered. Still that virus infiltrate, huks :'(

The virus makes me can't open a lot of website because there is a untrusted connection. When I enter site like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Garuda Indonesia, etc, the address always contains https. Then it says there is untrusted connection.

If I'm getting lucky, there's option to choose "I understand the risk" and can "Add exception". Then I can see what kind of certificate that the site has.

After that, the site will showed up, but not perfectly like the normal site does. It's very annoying because it makes me can't surf the web properly. I searched up in google about this and there's virus called fiddler root virus. But I still can't find the best solution to solve this problem because I don't know where the virus is, and this computer don't have any antivirus beside Smadav.

If anyone could help me, I will appreciate it so much. And I hope it can help anyone who also face this problem. Oya, I try to reset the Mozilla and reset the date in my computer to match the date of the certificate, but nothing's happened. Now it's affect Google Chrome too huwaaaa :'((

= to be continued =


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