Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are you ready for making the leap?

picture from 9gag, but I find the link in joyreactor.com (link)

Sometimes we have so many excuses to not do the thing we actually must do. I'm thinking about myself and I usually think that I don't know what to do in this life after graduate from university beside looking for a job. But if I really try to come up with ideas, I can see a path that maybe I never think about. It's just about having courageous to dream, right?

We can dream about anything. But the important thing is how we concrete our dreams, to make it come true. And then there's excuse, ahh, I know it occurs when I feel afraid :'((

I always say to my student to not afraid of making mistakes when they are learning, to be honest to ask when they realize they still not understand the lesson, to not cheat when they do the test and take it when they get bad scores to make them know which part the still need to upgrade.

I hope that I can also do what I have said to my student as well, hahah. Talking always easier that doing, eh :P So then, let's dream, let's make a plan, let's concrete it, what was I waiting for?!

= to be continued =


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