Wednesday, February 9, 2011

welcoming my 15th

six posting in a row, rawwr !

maybe my period for this month is getting near soo now i kinda feel my pms is coming. and when it comes, i usually feel bad about something and there they are..

well, skip it, i just want to welcoming another part of my life, my 15th..

goodbye 14th and welcome 15th ! :))

i use book from Humble Book again and on the cover, you can see two words -- in the photo i mean, hehe -- Love Theory, which makes me named her Lory -- too easy huh ? :p

and yeah, until now, i keep writing Lory with all my love problem. what else a girl can write in her diary ? hahahaha :pp

once again, welcome to the world Lory ! please help me memorize all things that happened in my life :)

= to be continued =


swiki said...

aliaaa. gw sangat pengen bisa nulis diary serajin lo!! it's cool! keep writing a diary :D

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