Wednesday, February 9, 2011


after realize that :

1. I'm not on his priority
2. He hardly ever show his love to me (not words!)
3. He is not sharing his world to me
4. When he is with me, he get busy with his cellphone
5. When he is with me and I ask about his world, he never clearly talk about it like I'm not important to hear it or too stupid to understand
6. When he is not with me, he always say he is so busy with another things and can't communicate with me (which I questioned to myself: "what happen to your cellphone when it comes to me ???")
7. After what he did to me in our first year, I realize my fear to him raise up and until now I always get scared knowing that thing can happen again

and this list will added regularly, maybe.
he never really love me.

no, it's not his fault. maybe just me who can't understand him.
but i always said, i can't do telepathy.

= to be continued =


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