Monday, November 29, 2010

Harry Potter 7a

after weeks finally i have a quality time with bun !
spend a whole day with him but still, i can't get enough of him..
i still want it more more and mooooore !
but it seems he doesn't feel the same way with me
ah, you are so pathetic alia ! :'(

whatever it is, i'm glad to watch harry potter's movie !
and i can't wait to see the sequel ! :D
unfortunately i must wait 8 months more to watch it :(
but it's okay, as long the movie as good as the novel, i would be happy to wait ;)

= to be continued =


achie said...

eh bagus y al filmnya?

Anonymous said...

Alia, ak lupa bilang makasih buat tiketnya ^_^ Makasih y Al ;)

Ak blm nonton c harry niiii? Same question with Achie, bagus ga filmnya?

alia pewe said...

aih aih kakak beradik yang kompak sekali kalian ini hihi
iyaa, gmn jegetnya ?
aku malah ga dateng pdhl anak fe :p

komen filmnya ? baguuuus
tapi banyak org yg bilang jelek gr2 alurnya lambat
tapi kan emg di bukunya kek bgitu ^^

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