Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of 2016

I have posted this photo and caption in my instagram. But I think it's okay to share it here too. Because I realize that instagram doesn't have good archieve, so it will be easier if I want to read it again if I posting it here.


Looking back to the moments in 2016 is like opening a menu in a restaurant. You start with the appetizer, hoping to fully your tummy with the main course, and ending it with sweet dessert.

The menu can be looked so nyummy and beautifly photographed, but after the waiter giving you the real food, you've got to admit sometimes you have higher expectation than the reality. And it starting to make you feel disappointed in life.

I have some new resolutions to achieve in 2017, which I will post tomorrow here. But mainly, I want to grow up to be a more matured person. To have no expectation, so I will be grateful for everything happened in my life. To feel I am a complete person, with or without anyone else in my life. To focus in my own life, not worrying so much about anyone else who has no intention with me. To let people come and go in my life with a smile. Because I know God knows the best for me :)

Thank you for all the people who gives my 2016 a lot of colourful memory. From the pinkish cheks, to the darker eye bags. Hope we can maintain it better in 2017.

Happy new year, guys :)


Location: Beatrice Quarters, Mall Kelapa Gading 5.
You should check it out, guys! The interior design is so sweet and the food is delicious :9

Photo by: Liza Farihah


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