Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Staying True to Your Ownself

Staying true to myself often makes people see me as a weak person.

But I know the best for my ownself. I am the girl who doesn't feel afraid to dive into emotion I felt. I am the girl who likes to learn about what my feelings will do to me. I am the girl who doesn't matter knowing how emotion will hurt and break me.

I know denial won't make me learn. I know denial won't make me knowing how I am gonna react to these kind of emotions. I know denial won't make me realize how I am gonna find the solution.

As an introvert and intrapersonal person, my favourite time now is discussing my day, my problem, and what I feel with my ownself and God. I let my imaginary friend appear. I let my prayer time becomes so important. Because I know some people have fed up with my stories, haha. And nobody really cared about it :)

I am happy and in the process to being okay :)

Don't lie to your ownself, dear.

Face the fear and doubt you have. Let it goes to your heart. Feel it. Feel it all. Feel it and understand it. Feel it and slowly you'll find the cure :")


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