Monday, April 2, 2012

can i meet me ?

sometimes i wonder why personality quizzes usually say the right thing about us ? because i always think there are so many people in this world, and no one is clearly the same person with the others, even the twins !

but although we have our own differences, sometimes we just too afraid to show who really we are, and being common like others. just like this answer that give from the question, "What your birthday color say about you ?", which i reply, "Oh soo trueee !"

then i'm asking to myself,
"How many people have the same feeling after knowing answer from ?"
"Why know me (us) so well ?"
"Are they divide us into some categories ?"
"How much the categories that have?

aaaand the final question,
"Can i meet the person who get the same answer with me ?"

well, i always want to meet the person that have the same personality with me, to see how much fun and annoying that i be :P

oookay, get back to your midtest aliaaaa !

= to be continued =


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