Thursday, September 16, 2010

english-base-language class

this semester, some exchange students come to study in FEUI. they are from one university in thailand but with different nation. one from japan, the other from holland, the other from korea, etc

student in FEUI know as well they must take some economic subjects in english-base-language class. yep ! our campus is located in indonesia and we use bahasa indonesia as our first language. but all our text books is written in english and the rule about must take some of the english-base-language class, no wonder if FE called also as Faculty of English instead of Economics :P

but actually in my previous english class, i find it hard to wake up my spirit to use english as my first language. i use it just when the teacher asks me, or give a presentation in front of the class. at other time i use bahasa indonesia, like when we must do some tasks with our friend, we discuss it in bahasa indonesia then just simply translate it in english (using google.translate?? LOL). well, it doesn't make any change to increase the spirit of speaking english to me

but for now, because the exchange students is here, i find the passion to speak in english ! :D why ? the basic thing is they really will not understand what i am talking about. and yeah, i know my english is not really good, but realizing they understand what i am saying and they response in a good way too makes me want to say it again and again :D *but i am not that fussy eh*

in the end, i will say that if there are no exchange students in my english-base-language class, i would not be this excited to speak english in my class :))

= to be continued =

* well, maybe i am a little bit over because i just know one of them named Eriko from Japan, and i dont talk too much to her actually, hahahah. maybe someday i will post her picture here :D


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