Tuesday, January 19, 2010

random picts on janury 2010 :)

meet the team of tx 23,
hope we will meet again in next tx event, guys ! :D

with widiya and liza at McD cikini
bring chocolate and flower for widiya ;)

failed to buy Teater Koma's ticket
get lunch at Pizza Hut Atrium :-9

nia's birthday, get a party at her house
that soooo far away and take 3 hours length to go

flowers for mom's birthday :D

Enjoying Coffee Mc Flurry in front of the laptop
while the heavy rain hit the house

liza's campaign for LK2, organization in FHUI,
too bad she didnt get it, but still, you're doing a great job, sist ! :)

loving new ice cream in Pizza Hut's Menu
Happy Melody Ice Cream sure makes me happy ! x)

he got his babyface on his smile !
me lovey ! :D

meeting up with Dea and pipito
long time noo see, gals ! :D

gugus, widiya, and me after watching Sherlock Holmes
(the very first movieI saw in 2010), enjoying lunch
together at Pizza Hut Pasaraya Manggarai

and pictures of Nisao.
Look likes she enjoying her winter in Japan.
can you send the snow to me nisao ? I'm soo jealous ! xD

= to be continued =


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