Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unexpected Poem

note: this poem doesn't have any special meaning, it suddenly appears in my head unexpectedly. I just try to play with the word's sound ^^
Just let it flow
But I dont want to let him go
I know that I'm stupid and slow
Then I'm curious why he put me in the sweet row
Can I trus him now ?

He is the precious one
And I want to keep him as my sun
I will regret if I lost and let you run
Who knows I wont take my gun
Then shoot it to my dreamland
And make it like a broken cola can
After it I will act like a cry baby and failed when try to stand
Look at me and I'm sure you will have a shock mind

So please be honest to me
Tell me what do you feel clearly
Try to lie and you wont have anything to be
You wont find another girl as this sweety
You know after this you will feel very lucky
Who can stand beside a girl who act so nicely
So what you have to do is to make her happy
And you will give other people your sorry
Cause they can't take me as their special bee

So hurry up and dont take a long time to think
Or you will get to sink
Cause I wont just sit and send my wink
Invite me and I will dance with you in the skyrink
To make our heart swing
Then make a link
I will hear you sing
And fall in love when see you smiling

- sorry if there are soo many wrong words, hehe :P

= to be continued =
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