Friday, June 30, 2017

Another One Third Has Passed (4)

One year is already passed. One year that I promised myself to be celibate. One year I let my ownself to grieve and mourn.

Some people who know about this maybe thinking that I am overreacting this. But, another group of people who really know about me, they'll know I lost one of the love I love the most.

Losing it makes me have to change some things in my life. I change the way I eat. I go workout. I try to walk around my city more often. I realize again that I can stand by my ownself. I don't take my friends' time to meet me for granted. I learn that things don't always turn the way I want it. I learn there are some broken things which can't always be fixed, and that's okay..

One year has passed and I am so relieved I can go through with it. I thank God and all people who helped me, giving so much support I need. I don't regret anything. I don't hate anyone in these process. I realize it's happened for the best for me.

Suropati Park Bench, the place where one year ago I found that fact

Over and over again, I have to learn to have peace with my ownself. That not getting what I want sometimes is a wonderful is a wonderful stroke of luck (quote by Dalai Lama). To have peace is not to forget we have feelings, but turning it off slowly by allowing ourselves to dive into those emotions. To experienced them fully and completely, so we know exactly how it feels and how to conquer it.

It's kind of funny if I look back to the previous writings about this One Third.

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I hope I can always treasure this wonderful feeling somewhere in my heart. I hope I can always be friend with him, because for me, he is one of the important person who shaping the person I am until now. Seven one third years is not a short time. But now is the time for me to look forward to another future with someone else.. :")

See you when I see you..


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