Thursday, August 13, 2009

soo sweet

seeing this movie and looking at this couple

the pictures are soo sweet, aren't they.. ? ;)

and sure, it makes me feel lonely. both me and nisa chuu (yes, she is in jakarta now! :D) agree that we want to have a husband like Carl Fredriksen.. ! well, not now, years later of course, we are still nineteen actually ;)

ahh, what a great movie. I know Pixar always makes a great movie ! and I love them all ! from the first Toy Story, till this Up. Cant wait to watch the next great animation movie from Pixar ;)

you must see this film too ! two thumbs up ! :D

= to be continued =

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fragaria said...

akh... belum nonton!
dan sepertinya tidak akan nonton ini karena tidak waktu dan temen, hehe

alia pewe said...

@ fra: nonton dvd juga oke kok :D

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