Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daddy ! cups cups..!

and today i update my blog again ! yey !

in my previous post, i said that my dad ask me not to bring celia and i feel so saad :(
but now, i'm using my dad's laptop while he do his survey for his job !
woo hooo !
i love you soooo much my daddy, cups cups !

whether i'm in bali, because it's my first time to go here, i don't know where i must go to spend my time *cupu amat sih gw -___-* soo, maybe i will googling some interesting places and try to be a bolang kid, hahahah. wish me not to get lost in this place or else tomorrow you will see me at newspaper as a missing child -___- *lebayy*

good morning, folks !
the orange juice is sour, blah.. -___-

oookay ! talk to you later, guys ;)
= to be continued =

p.s. if my dad read this blog, i think he will disgusted with the post title, hahahah


fragaria said...

gue belum pernah ke bali...
(satu2nya di keluarga yg belum ke bali. sedih...)

alia pewe said...

semangat fraaa !
jarang2 gw jalan2 soalnya
ini jg ptama kalinya gw kluar pulau jawa, pdhl pulau jawa jg blm khatam didatengin atu2, hehe

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